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A comprehensive and compelling business plan for your UK branch or subsidiary is a key requirement for any UK Sole Representative Visa application. While the proven template structure we employ is proprietary and only shared with contracted clients, the below article provides key insights into what a successful Sole Rep business plan needs to include.

While the Sole Rep business plan has many of the hallmarks of the typical business plan structure, it also needs to cover a number of areas specific to this new UK business visa  in order to help ensure application approval by the UK Home Office.

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Content requirements for the Sole Rep Business Plan

Before getting into the details, it is worthwhile noting that a large percentage of Sole Rep application rejections stem from insufficient documentation being provided by the applicant, in addition to their application not being structured correctly.

For applicants choosing to make their submissions without the assistance of a specialised UK business immigration firm, these are very easy mistakes to make: The official application forms are very sparsely worded and generic in nature, and do not reflect the full requirement set exhaustively.

As a basic point of departure, a comprehensive cover letter and detailed business plan are vital to ensure your application has the highest probability of being approved, without being refused outright or with additional information being requested, wasting further precious time ahead of your branch’s launch into the UK market.

The business plan should intuitively present the details of the proposed UK branch or subsidiaries’ intended business activities, including relevant market research findings, a go-to-market strategy, revenue projections as well as a detailed overview of the company’s proposed service or product offering in the UK.

While it is imperative that the business plan illustrates a compelling rationale for the overseas business’ expansion into the UK, it is important not to overstate this aspect; the business plan and supporting documentation should convince the UK immigration authorities that the overseas parent company will continue trading abroad, and that the intention is not to relocate the company’s core operations to the UK.

The team behind Sole Representative Visa UK have taken the time to analyse the Home Office’s requirements in great detail, and have developed a proven business plan writing methodology that maintains this balance while helping clients put their best foot forward during the application process. The Sole Rep program has a high rejection rate, and failure to striking this balance in the business plan can frequently lead to outright application rejection. Leaning on the team’s proven expertise and insight into Home Office requirements will ensure that your application has the highest probability of success.

To provide a sense of the scale and depth required, most of our successful clients’ UK branch business plans are 50 pages or more in length…

Why choose our team’s comprehensive Sole Rep business plan writing services

Using a proven methodology for capturing clients’ business plan input, our application analysts can garner a keen sense of your business and its growth objectives in the UK.

Based on your input, we can develop a comprehensive and compelling business plan that speaks directly to the Home Office’s application requirements for the program.

We do all the heavy lifting, making the application process simple and stress-free for our clients.

If you have already put significant effort into compiling your proposed business plan for the new UK branch, our analysts will be happy to review and enhance your draft plan to ensure it meets and exceeds the relevant minimum criteria.

In addition, our team can assist you with Sole Rep Visa renewals, spousal work permit applications, school enrolments and property selection, as well as your application for Indefinite Leave to Remain – all inclusive of your professional service fee.

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