In order for applicants to qualify for the UK Sole Representative Visa, one of the key requirements is to prove that the overseas business is a genuine commercial entity, and that the company intends to remain operational outside the UK despite setting up a new branch in the UK. Paragraph 144 of the UK Immigration Rules states that a notarised statement from the overseas business is required, confirming that its centre of business operations will remain outside the UK.

According to its policy guidance, the “[centre of operations test] does not mean that you must refuse a company if there is evidence that it intends its UK branch or subsidiary to flourish so in the long term it might overshadow its parent company.”

The visa application will, however, be rejected should the caseworker believe that the applicant intends to transfer the company’s operational centre to the UK and cease doing business overseas. Contact us for more information on the centre of operations test and other key requirements for the program, or to start applying for the Sole Representative Visa today.