Sole Representative
Visa Applications Made Simple in 2022.

Senior employee or minority shareholder? Gain UK residency in 90 days without investment through UK branch formation for your business.

The UK Sole Representative Visa offers qualifying foreign business owners and senior executives, along with their families, the ability to gain UK residency in 90 days – without any investment. Compared with the Tier 1 Investor Visa, the Sole Rep Visa offers unrivalled value.


Gain UK residency in 90 days

No investment or job creation required

Clear path to ILR and UK citizenship.

End-to-end solution: includes business plan writing, visa application, UK relocation assistance, 1-year virtual office subscription, spousal work permit, renewals and ILR applications.

No need to relocate immediately

Remote process: apply in your country of residence

No minimum stays per year

Travel in and out while your family stays in the UK

Spouse eligible to work full time

Children under 18 eligible for inclusion

Free schooling for children under 18

Subsidised university education fees

Free NHS access for your family

Settle anywhere in the UK.

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About the Sole Representative Visa Program

The Sole Representative Visa, formally known as the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa, enables qualifying senior executives of non-EEA based companies to apply for residency and eventual Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. As has been the case with the Tier 1 Investor Visa, the British government has not been actively promoting this investor visa category since the Brexit vote, and the number of applicants receiving approval has been in decline since 2016.

Nonetheless, for non-UK based company executives able to prove that they run established businesses, with demonstrable intentions to expand trade into the UK market, the Sole Representative Visa can be a game-changer. While increased application scrutiny will be a given as of 4 June 2020, the business visa program, in its current format, still offers unrivalled value for money.

Applicants must have been recruited into their current role outside of the UK, and the parent company should not yet have established a subsidiary UK branch. In addition, applicants are not allowed to be majority shareholders in the business, and as of 4 June 2020 they are not allowed to dilute their shareholding by awarding shares to their spouse or children. In essence, the new changes to the UK Sole Rep Visa Program seeks to ensure that the “genuineness” criterion is met. Applicants must be senior company employees with the ability to make executive level business decisions independently, and applicants cannot switch for other UK visa categories to the Sole Rep Visa.

While foreign applicants across a range of sectors and industries have historically been successful in obtaining UK residency and eventual citizenship via the Sole Representative Visa Program, the trend has increasingly been for scalable technology businesses to be appraised more favourably.

Key eligibility criteria for Sole Representative Visa applicants 2020

As of 4 June 2020, non-EEA applicants wishing to obtain UK residency via the Overseas Business Representative Visa Program must meet the following application criteria:

  • You must be employed by an existing business heaquartered outside UK

  • The existing business headquarters must remain outside the UK

  • The minimum required turnover for the business is £5,000+ per month

  • The business must be older than 12 months

  • You must have been recruited to the company’s management team outside the UK, and must be authorised to make key business decisions on behalf of the company’s UK branch.

  • You must be able to provide proof of means to sustain yourself and your dependent family members

  • You have to be a senior employee and /or minority shareholder of the company (shareholding of 49% or less)

  • A comprehensive business plan, presented in the appropriate format, must accompany your application.

  • English fluency and cultural knowledge is an important requirement.